Showgirl inspiration to make you feel frickin’ fabulous

From Burlexe to Boylexe, here’s what’s going on with our very unique brand, shows and events

Image by John Bland at OEM Film

The ultimate in Burlesque-inspired parties, events, experiences and even tutorials tailored for you

Image by John Bland at OEM Film

Check out the Burlesque-inspired stories at the very heart of Burlexe featuring the best UK acting and showgirl talent

Inspired by the fashions and glamour of Burlesque, here’s what we’ve created, curated and handpicked for you

Contemporary beauty and fashion inspiration from the world of Burlesque for all women

Everything you need to know about the Burlesque movement (including even, what the hell is it!?)

Image by John Bland at OEM Film

Yep, the guys are muscling in on the act too – here’s more on our spin-off show and all its stars

Would you like to book us? Or one of our acts? Then here’s where to find out more

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Show Reviews

"Refreshingly relaxed format… An intriguing avenue for burlesque"

− The Stage

"One of the most innovative and unique burlesque shows, this is a top quality event. You would be mad to miss it, quite frankly"

− Burlesque Bible

"The emphasis is on storytelling and tease! I would give this show ten out of ten. You will be entertained."

− Via Trip Advisor

"The stories of these bold women are as entertaining to hear as they are enticing to behold"

− Erotic Review

"Those peeps over @burlexe have done it again! BRILLIANT"

− The High Tease Cast