Beauty Inspiration Makeup Looks

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How to Apply Lipstick

We love sharing favourite beauty inspiration from the world’s of burlesque and beauty blogging. Here are some must-try makeup looks, beauty tips and plenty of showgirl glamour.

Beauty Inspiration Makeup Looks

Here at Burlexe HQ we love to give you all the tools to feel frickin’ fabulous: here’s a new selection of our fave must-see beauty inspo.

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Miss Betty

The stunning, Miss Betty has come a long way since starring in our show and is now a published author. Her matt red lips and this backdrop are giving us even more envy.


Makeup Elsa

Makeup Elsa is known for her #motd (makeup of the day) snaps. Here she has toned down lips to show off her colourful hair. We also can’t look away from those sparkly eyes.


Anita Kurkach

Russian singer-songwriter, Anita Kurkach, also shares her beauty secrets on her vlog. The YouTube star has just gone pink, need we say we more.



Polish pinup model, Rockagirl aka. Maja Peryga clearly knows how to apply eyeliner perfectly. Plus, loving those candyfloss curls.

A photo posted by @rockagirl on


Laura Okita

New York vintage photographer and model, Laura Okita, shared this fun summer snap evocative of Lolita. The updo, the shades and those lips. Yes, yes and yes.


Nisha Rai

UK model, Nisha Rai, shared this pic of her Anastiasia Beverly Hills brows. She then added a full-on red lip. Love.

A photo posted by Neesha (@neesharai) on


Jenny Jahaan

Chef, Jenny Jahaan has become a pinup of the internet with her mouth-watering food and teasing pics. We’re loving this fabulous at-the-gym photo. The simple eye makeup and glossy lips go a long way.


A photo posted by jennyjahaan (@jennyjahaan) on

Magdalena Regina

Belgium model, vintage lover and blogger, Magdalena Regina, proved that dark lips aren’t just for winter. Paired with big sunglasses and classic curls, it’s a must-try summer look.


Bea Åkerlund

Costume designer and stylist, Bea Åkerlund is known for her signature “over the top” looks. A woman after our own hearts. Here she’s seen pairing Anna-Karin Karlsson eyewear with some seriously enticing eyeliner.


Aurora Galore

Burlesque dancer and Burlexe bestie, Aurora Galore goes all-out with her stage makeup. This gold contouring with added sparkles is no different.

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(Main image from Lipstick Lina)