Looking for Talent for Boylesque Show Boylexe

Howard May 30, 2016 Archive
Phil InGud

We’re looking for new talent to join our unique boylesque show Boylexe. Is there anyone you think should audition for us?!

Both unique burlesque show Burlexe and boylesque show Boylexe are about the lives of men and women performing burlesque and ‘boylesque’; in nightclubs and in cabaret. Inspired by their triumphs and experiences, we create short-form monologues based on these amazing people, which become the basis of our shows and online activity.

This is the first time, we’ve decided to release a monologue online in support of and to highlight the current LGBT concerns in Russia. We are looking to connect with actors, boylesquers and talent who’d be happy to star in a short-form video of the below…

If you’d be interested in taking part, please drop us a line with some information about yourself at burlexe@gmail.com or use our contact form or message us through our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/boylexe

And in the meantime, here’s the monologue we’re looking to bring to life…

Boylexe Script, 29th August 2013

Find out more about Boylexe.

Main image via Magnus Arrevad.