Burlexe & Kiki Kaboom featured on High Tea Cast!

burlexe June 11, 2016 Archive
Kiki Kaboom

Burlexe and Miss Kiki Kaboom feature on the burlesque and cabaret edition of the High Tea Cast podcast.

Kiki Kaboom, Burlexe and the High Tea Cast

The team at High Tea Cast are just our favourite cup of tea!

Talk of alchol based beverages, sugar based snacks and women doing it for themselves, it’s a perfect concotion of afternoon listening. It’s almost like joining your pals for a post work natter. Mind, these girls probably have better choice in shoes…male members of staff included…

Podcasting since 2011, we’ve spoken about their fabulousness before, they also gave Burlexe a glowing review earlier this year.

This edition however, is their burlesque and cabaret special feature!

As they say ‘The theatre, the cabaret, the beauty, the talent, and well the boobs – we think it is all rather special. The London burlesque scene has never been more exciting.’

Well yes it is exciting and Burlexe were delighted to have Kiki Kaboom record part of our show, a short monologue exclusively for The High Tea Cast!

You can hear the entire episode direct from their website or by subscribing through iTunes!

Find out more about Kiki Kaboom burlesque with our latest interview and read the High Tea Cast’s April 2013 Burlexe review.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

We look to influential and successful women as our inspiration and these are our kind of women. Join us for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

Kiki Kaboom