Bumper Bangs Vintage Hair with a Twist

Serena Doherty May 17, 2019 Hair
Bumper Bangs

Why cut your hair when you can fake it with bumper bangs? Here’s the perfect retro hairstyles for short hair and long with a hair bumper and without.

Bumper Bangs Vintage Hair with a Twist

There’s an endless question that comes to mind when picking a new ‘do. To cut bangs or not to cut bangs. Now you don’t have to ask the question.

Bumper bangs or faux bangs allow you to take one of the best old fashioned hairstyles and make it your own. They’re the ideal way to avoid the chop, keep your hair off your face and take your style up a notch.

You can personalise them with a fancy ponytail, flawless vintage curls or a versatile retro updo. Whatever your hair length, these pin up bangs can work for you.

Retro Hair Tutorial

YouTuber, RedlipsAdictedMakeup shares her hair bumper technique. She teams it with a hair scarf accessory of her own making (it’s in the video).

This vintage hairstyle tutorial pairs the retro bangs with a high ponytail for a simple twist on a classic. Watch how to achieve the bumper bangs of your dreams. (If you want to skip the ponytail, go straight to two minutes in.)

Victory Rolls with Bangs Tutorial

Another vlogger, Miss Miriam also offers a handy how-to guide on bumper bangs. First she uses curlers to create the bump. Then she shows how easy it is to use a hair bumper.

If you want to go full pinup girl glam, however, she created this hair tutorial to pair them with victory rolls. More work certainly means more reward with this one.

Watch the hairstyle tutorial for her step-by-step guide.

Try this Vintage Updo Hairstyle for Short Hair and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from Vintage Vandalizm)