Jo King on Burlesque Makeup Tips

Serena Doherty May 17, 2019 Make Up

The doyenne of British burlesque dancing and long-term friend of Burlexe, Jo King is here to share her burlesque makeup tips. Her years of experience with stage makeup is a must-see for every showgirl.

Jo King Burlesque Makeup Tips

We’re makeup addicts. We love to talk about it, share it and wear it. Makeup can portray your personality, give you confidence and just make you feel frickin’ fabulous.

Stage makeup is also big part of building your burlesque persona. It can transform your appearance, help you get in character and add a touch of glamour.

When we wanted those extra burlesque makeup tips to add an extra polish to our arsenal we (obviously) turned to our burlesque guru.

British Burlesque Legend, Jo King has over 35 years of experience in burlesque dancing. She’s a famed striptease artist, choreographer and burlesque teacher. She has tried and tested pretty much everything for performance work. You bet we went to our burlesque guru!

Recently, she has been sharing her wise words in our latest burlesque videos series. This new instalment sees her give the best beauty tips for all you burlesque performers. They’re also perfect if, like us, you’re a lover of glitz, glamour and a touch of OTT statement makeup.

Jo King aka. Goodtime Mama Jojo begins by talking about glitter eye makeup and burlesque eye makeup tips for beginners. She then shares the importance of removing eye makeup. She even offers her advice for those of us with sensitive skin. What’s your makeup tips for on stage and off?

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