Boylexe 2015

Howard June 5, 2016 Boylexe, The Boylexe Boylesque Show

Boylexe reached new levels in 2015…

Our fourth year in production, we bade farewell to the Shadow Lounge, took a walk on the wild side with a series of Shadow Masochism pop-ups, hooked up with our sister burlesque show Burlexe for the very first time for This Is Burlexe at the Hospital Club, popped up in Balans, ran a series of private shows and ended the year in a new venue at Cecil’s in London Bridge together with a collaboration with the ladies of Burlexe for This Is Burlexe on New Year’s Eve.

Hopefully, we pushed more boundaries, showed more flesh and dumped more on our stage kitten Bobby Dee’vah than ever before.

It’s also been great working with new additions to the troupe including Baby Lame, Phoenix, Pi the Mime, Ruby Wednesday and Throberto and Shadow Masochism stars Tom Harlow, Alfie Ordinary, Ted Rogers, Ricky, Edgar and Andrei as well as old friends like Esquire DeLune, theMighty Moustache and Maria Hurtz. 

Here were a few of our favourite moments from such a big year…

Our host Alp Haydar – ‘Mine is a bit random. There’s always a moment when I sing “While You Were Sleeping” when I do a shout out to anyone with a birthday or who’s getting married. And one week we didn’t have anyone like that – earlier in the day I’d found a skin tag in a personal place and for some reason that came into my head and I just start blabbering on about it.

‘Fortunately, there was a table of beauticians in and the next day I was able to have it lasered off – so, a huge thanks to Claudette!’ 

Phil InGud ‘Getting personal with hot people in the audience’Phil InGud

Meth – ‘My favourite moment is always at the end of the show when I take to the stage for the U + Ur Hand finale and I receive everyone’s adoring applause and they get up on their feet and dance… well, I know I’m just moments away from being able to have a proper drink’

‘My highlight of the year is always hearing the laughter from the audience changing into the gasps when we get naked for their pleasure. Also the crowd of Cecil’s really listened to the stories we had to tell and made it a pleasure to entertain them. I can’t wait to take it to a whole new level in the New Year!’ – Randolph Hott

Pi – ‘………………………………………………………..’  (he actually mimed this)

Bobby De’vah – ‘My favourite moment was the first time I got to say what I thought about everyone in the show – that moment when I was able to tell the world Phil InGud is a ‘ho!’

Howard, Boylexe creator – ‘One of my favourite moments was Baby Lame at our last Boylexe in the Shadow Lounge. I was worried beforehand that the audience may not be able to handle that much Baby, but the combo of Britney Spears’ ‘Lucky’, ‘The Greatest Love of All’, ‘Anaconda’ and dirty nappies thrown into the audience was beyond hilarious.

‘And actually, doing this round up of the year has made me think about how much we’ve achieved over four years of Boylexe. I’m ending this year very #proud – if it’s possible to say that with this type of show!’

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