Boylexe is Coming Soon

burlexe June 5, 2016 Boylexe, The Boylexe Boylesque Show

We are about to launch a male version of our hit show, Burlexe, cunningly titled Boylexe… coming this September to the Shadow Lounge.

The Boylexe Show

We’re currently putting together our visuals and wanted to share the following with you first (of course!). Buckle up for nights of boylesque, cabaret, punk and COCKtails.


The above should showcase our different looks and we’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to tweet at us @boylexeUK or @burlexe or head on over to to air your views there and (hopefully) join us. Thanks so much.

You can also check out this handy diagram on Burlesque vs Boylesque; Burlexe vs Boylexe.

(Image from Boylexe)