Jo King on How to do a Glove Tease

Howard May 11, 2016 Burlesque Dancing

A glove tease is one of the classic burlesque dancing moves. British Burlesque legend and teacher, Jo King, shares her tips on how to do it in style.

How to Glove Tease with Burlesque Legend Jo King

British burlesque legend, Jo King aka. Goodtime Mama Jojo has been teaching burlesque for over 35 years. Including founding the London Academy of Burlesque.

We caught up with this wonderful woman to find out how to get the skills to pay the bills. First up is her burlesque dancing tips and tricks for a glamorous glove tease.

If you’re looking to try this burlesque staple or make it your signature move then Jo King is your woman. Needless to say she has removed more gloves than you’ve had hot dinners.

So whip out your notepad, fluff your feathery pen and prepare to freeze frame. This is really how you take off a long evening glove, with style…

Burlesque Lessons:

  • Get gloves that fit. You’re the Goldilocks of gloves. They have to be just right.
  • Leave room in the gloves at the end of your finger tips. This allows easier purchase of the glove.
  • If you’re wearing long evening gloves don’t bend your elbow and try to glove peel. Keep your arm straight.
  • Ramp up the tease! Look at what your doing to draw attention to your glove tease.
  • Eye contact, glove tease and a tit polish keep it simple, sassy and sultry.
  • Throw your glove backwards, behind you, to the side of the stage. Saves on glove shopping.
  • Find your style and niche whether it’s floorwork, using your mouth or movement. That’s the fun part. Enjoy!

If you have any questions you can contact Jo King via London Academy of Burlesque and Facebook.