How to Remove Gloves

Serena Doherty June 4, 2016 Burlesque Dancing Basics
How to Remove Gloves

Learning how to remove gloves is a seductive and sultry skill on the road to being a burlesque dancer. We share some burlesque knowledge on how and why glove removal is a must-have sexy skill.

How to Remove Gloves

Gloves can be part of any burlesque costume from comedy burlesque to grotesque burlesque. Though, decadent opera gloves are most associated with classic burlesque.

Learning how to remove gloves depends on the size of the glove, the tempo of your burlesque soundtrack and your personal style. So, we’ve nabbed the best advice from the web to show you how to remove your gloves like a pro.

Burlesque Beginners

Miss Felicia Fatale provides some inspiration by teaching with her teasing actions rather than her words. In this video she uses the three basic burlesque props: a feather boa, a chair and quarter-length gloves.

The burlesque dancer, Felicia Fatale, shows how you can remove a glove in a different way. She takes off her first glove using her shoe and does the traditional bite ‘n’ pull move for the second.

This quick routine is a great place to start as a burlesque dancer so get practising:

Burlesque Beauties

The grand dame of UK burlesque, Jo King, is known for the tantalisingly slow removal of her burlesque costumes. As burlesque legend Gypsy Rose Lee said, “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly… very slowly.”

She shares her tips for burlesque beginners when it comes to removing a glove. Goodtime Mama Jojo explains how gloves accentuate your burlesque dance moves and her techniques when it comes to striptease:

Size Matters

Wicked Little Productions offer this saucy tutorial for different glove lengths. Camille shows the commonly used techniques to remove gloves and why they’re different, depending on your glove.

So whichever length you choose for your burlesque costume and whatever tempo your soundtrack, you can take them off without a hitch:

Learn How to Burlesque Pose.

And we’ve saved the best till last… here’s British Burlesque Legend Jo King on the art of how to remove a glove…

(Image from Danger Dame)