British Burlesque Legend Jo King’s Burlesque Tips and Stories

Howard June 5, 2016 Burlesque Dancing Basics

The doyenne of London burlesque, Goodtime Mama Jojo has joined us for the return of the Burlexe show and is also sharing her tips and experience.

Burlesque Tips

After her lengthy career on the stage and teaching countless burlesque lessons, you can be assured that Jo King has some saucy Burly-Q stories to tell and burlesque tips to share. We’ve been busy at work coaxing them out of her and now we’re sharing them with you lovely people.

As part of the Burlexe show, prepare for some glamour, some Jo King burlesque and acting, the lovely lone Burlexe show original Chloe Ewart, the vivacious songstress Kele Le Roc and a fabulous weekly guest burlesque performer. Phew!

You can check out all Jo King’s Burlesque YouTube videos, but to get you in the mood, feel free to go behind-the-scenes with the lady herself above.

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