Space Age Hair and Life Before GHD

Serena Doherty June 11, 2016 Hair, Inspiration
Space Age Hair

Ever wanted one of those classic hairstyles of the 1960s and wondered how they got that space age hair before GHDs? Well now you can see the wonderful truth.

1960: A Hair Odyssey…

Space Age Hair

Ever fancied hair like Jane Jetson? Find today’s ceramic curlers simply don’t curl enough?

Surely the answer must be firework powered electro-curlers?


The Pathe Fashion Archive is a wonderful collection of whimsical reels, some utterly batty and some delightful. For example, can you imagine a life before GHD straighteners?

Life Before GHD

Those secret oils by the way? Mixture of formaldehyde and castor oil.

You may laugh but not much has changed in the hair industry. Main ingredient in the current trend of ‘Brazilian Blow Out’s?’

Yup, formaldehyde.


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