Dolly Lamour Burlesque Gif

Serena Doherty June 4, 2016 Modern Burlesque Dancers
Dolly Lamour Burlesque

This sultry Dolly Lamour burlesque gif gives you a taste of this classic burlesque dancer. Let us introduce you to the fabulous Italian stage siren.

Dolly Lamour Burlesque Gif

The multi-talented, Miss Dolly Lamour, immerses herself in fantasy. Even her website is something to behold.

She began her impressive stage career as a musician at age 11. Since 2008, she has moved into the alluring opulence of a burlesque dancer.

This burlesque gif sees Dolly Lamour transfix her audience with her seductive burlesque pose. The clip comes from her Harlem Dancer act that transports viewers to the famous 1920s New York, Cotton Club.

Burlesque dancing with the classic Isis wings, she elegantly transforms her routine into a traditional fan dance. Beautifully mesmerising.

Dolly Lamour Burlesque

Dolly Lamour’s other burlesque routines include the dreamscape La Luna, the loving and  lusty, Red Rose, the darkly dangerous sensuality of Abracadabra and the assertive seductress, Salomé.

She also does a wonderful dieting parody. The Fifth Deadly Sin has a message of positive indulgence. Yum. Don’t mind if we do.

See more of the statuesque stunner burlesque dancing in her showreel:

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(Burlesque Gif from K969)