Meet Rubyyy Jones Burlesque Dancer

Serena Doherty June 11, 2016 Archive, Modern Burlesque Dancers
Rubyyy Jones Burlesque

Following Rubyyy Jones burlesque dancing in our London burlesque show we want to introduce you to this wonderful woman.

Rubyyy Jones Burlesque

Name: Rubyyy Jones.

Describe yourself in five words? Performer, writer, muse, in love.

How did you get into burlesque? I’ve always been a performer and I was looking for a new genre. I loved the creativity in burlesque and the opportunity to be as glamorous as I want to be while making people laugh and think.

Burlesque hero/ine? Definitely, Gypsy Rose Lee and Dirty Martini.

Favourite routine? At the moment I’m really enjoying people’s reaction my Bukkake Balloon Pop. For me it’s a really great example of what I do in burlesque: it’s funny and sexy but it’s also shocking, in a sweet way.

What’s been your most triumphant moment to date? After my debut burlesque performance at Tournament of Tease, I was honoured with an Erotic Award nomination for ‘Performer of the Year’ and also the chance to be part of the amazing cast of Burlexe.

What does burlesque mean to you? Burlesque is freedom to me.

Motto in life? Love, lust and light.

Watch Rubyyy Jones burlesque dancing with her Bukkake Balloon Pop routine:

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