What is Burlesque with Honey Wilde

Howard July 20, 2016 Burlesque, What is Burlesque

This is the first in our brand new video series where burlesque dancers answer ‘what is burlesque?’. First up is burlesque performer, Honey Wilde.

What is Burlesque?

Honey Wilde

Burlesque dancer, Honey Wilde, began in New Zealand theatre. She has since moved on to pin up modelling and burlesque dancing.

Now, she’s the first in our all-new burlesque video series with burlesque performers. We want to find the answer to ‘what is burlesque’ so we’re going to the experts.

Miss Honey Wilde discusses the difference between burlesque dancing and other genres of dance. She briefly explores the original meaning of the word burlesque and how that has changed over time.

She goes to the root of ‘what is burlesque’ through the burlesque definition and what that means as a burlesque dancer.

British burlesque legend, Jo King has also discussed whether burlesque is just stripping. Whereas former Las Vegas showgirl Margaret Tully took us through the history of the genre.

Meanwhile, we look forward to Honey Wilde aka. ‘The Iron Lady of Burlesque’ being even more controversial due to Margaret Thatcher’s recent death. See her act How to Burlesque: The British Way at the London Burlesque Festival 2009.

Watch how you burlesque from the best: Dirty Martini and Julie Atlas Muz.

(Image by James Thorpe)