Fancy Chance in Burlexe

Howard June 4, 2016 Burlexe
Fancy Chance

Check out neo-burlesque star Fancy Chance in action in Burlexe…

Fancy Chance burlesques in Burlexe

Neo-burlesque star Fancy Chance has been a longterm friend and collaborator of Burlexe, performing both monologues and burlesque since the show’s inception in November 2010.

On 24th April 2013, she returned to the fray to perform two burlesque performances, the first where she ‘burlesques’ burlesque (see visuals for a taste) and the second where she performs her hilarious Star Trek skit.

Fancy Chance Burlesque

We’re looking forward to where Fancy takes us next.


(Image via John Bland at OEM Film)