Burlexe Burlesque Monologue

burlexe June 11, 2016 The Burlexe Burlesque Show
Burlesque Monologue

During every performance of the Burlexe show, the following burlesque monologue has always proved popular. Not only because of the wonderful burlesque dancer, Luna Rosa, but because we like to think some of the words ring true.

Burlexe Show Burlesque Monologue

As we’d like to share with you our various burlesque monologues, it’s fitting that this is the first one…

The live Burlexe show features an array of burlesque monologues alongside guest burlesque dancers. The union makes for an inspiring and empowering night. There’s laughs, heart ache and breathtaking singing from our host Kele Le Roc.

We also showcase male contemporary monologues in our trashy little brother show, Boylexe.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

Burlexe is the ‘Vagina Monologues’ of Burlesque: a brand new theatrical show based on the stories of the incredible women who’ve created burlesque, old and new. It fuses performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

It’s about strong, powerful, amazing women. And it’s like nothing you’ve seen before…