Dita Von Teese Gives Men Lingerie Shopping Advice

Serena Doherty June 11, 2016 Fashion
Dita Von Teese

Lingerie is not just for Christmas and with Valentine’s Day looming Hollywood burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese, shares her advice on lingerie shopping to men.

Dita Von Teese Lingerie Advice to Men

Dita Von Teese has become world renowned as the mainstream face of the burlesque dancing industry. Now her career is expanding.

Dita is an entrepreneur with bags of knowledge on all things femme and vintage. Her first job at 15 was working in a lingerie boutique and that love affair continues today.

Last year launched her very own collection, the Von Follies, so she knows what she’s talking about. Watch her modelling her new range and see her advice for lingerie shopping for your partner below.

Dita Von Teese told The Telegraph: “I used to sell underwear a lot to men. Some were embarrassed. Others were direct about it.”

“The biggest mistake men make is buying something that makes a woman feel uncomfortable,” she added. “My dream would be for a man to bring in his partner’s favourite bra and panty and let me see what she likes to wear. Men get too hung up on what they would like their partner to wear.

“Black lace looks good on everyone and works for all seasons. It’s sexy and seductive, as well as elegant and sophisticated. Red is hard to get right – it depends on the quality of the fabric – but it can be chic.” Dita Von Teese herself has included red lace in her collection at Debenhams.

“I think the men in my life have never dared buy me underwear – I’ve had a lingerie wardrobe since I was 15. And, anyway, they’ve always been pretty impressed with my selection.”

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(Image from Style On The Couch)