Our Burlesque Clothing Picks

After careful testing, shimmying and lots of oohs and ahhs, here are the wonderful Burlexey bits and pieces we suggest no grl is caught without. We aim to bring you the best in lovely burlesque clothing, tested by real performers during our Burlexe show.

Black Deco Nipples Pasties

Our current favourites have a wonderful, quality feel that make us feel both excited and sensual. They’re made in organic silk and hand beaded with swarovski crystal and bugle beads. These classic pasties and tassels are stitched for durability and leather backed with upcycled upholstery remnants.


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Black Vintage Lace Eyemask

Naughty but extremely nice. We love the wonderful feeling of mystery and allure these give us!

This vintage lace mask is handmade from chantilly lace. The black eyemask is created from silk satin binding and silk ribbon ties.


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Burlesque Costume Ideas

Kelly is wearing a What Katie Did girdle