Meet Our Burlexe Burlesque Girls 29th June

Serena Doherty July 26, 2016 The Burlexe Story, The Show
Burlesque Girls

Preparations for the closing night are running us off our feet, but we’re thrilled to have these delightful burlesque girls accompanying Jo King, Kiki Kaboom and Fancy Chance.

Burlesque Girls

All our burlesque shows in London feature Javine Hylton, Goodtime Mama Jojo, Kiki Kaboom, Dympna Messenger and Chloe Ewart. Then every week we feature a cast of very different, very exciting and world class burlesque performers.

Here’s the wonderful burlesque girls we are showcasing this week.

Rubyyy Jones

Burlesque Girls

A relative newcomer on the burlesque scene is the brrrillliaaannnt Rubyyy Jones. She’s nevertheless now a veteran of The Erotic Awards, The Velvet Tongue and Naked Girls Reading among many other things.

She says, “To me burlesque is a perfect medium, for me to express all the things that I feel should be celebrated most in life: beauty, sex, wit, bodies, bravery and talent. Glitter is my weapon of choice!”

We second all those emotions! For more info, check out her website.

Luna Rosa

Burlesque Girls

International burlesque dancer, Luna Rosa is bringing her very unique take on the genre to our burlesque show. We can’t wait for you to enjoy her Perfidious Naked Fez routine.

Our heroine says, “Burlesque is about freedom of creative expression of passion, power, anger, happiness, sexuality, femininity and the beauty of the feminine form.”

The line-up of our London burlesque show on 22nd June and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?