Trixie Malicious Burlesque Dancer Joins Burlexe

Howard June 11, 2016 The Burlexe Story, The Show
Trixie Malicious

Landing with an explosion of bump ‘n’ grind glamour, Burlexe is delighted to announce one of our April guest burlesque performers is Trixie Malicious!

Trixie Malicious Burlesque Dancer Joins Burlexe

On the 25th April 2012 the Burlexe show will be joined by the sensational Trixie Malicious burlesque dancing.

The British Columbian beauty is an international performance artist specialising in bump ‘n’ grind and 60s grindhouse burlesque.

With a performance resume of impressive length(!), Trixie Malicious also moonlights as lead singer of The Van Dorens, resident dancer at London’s Grind-a-Go-Go and Shore Leave.

She is the self-proclaimed lover of kitsch, vinyl, b-movies, candy and boys. She is also the host and producer of SLEAZE along with Mat Fraser – its next show is THIS Wednesday at Camden Lochside Bar.

We cannot WAIT to have Trixie Malicious in the show!!

Access tickets, join Trixie on Facebook and Twitter aaand get a taster of Trixie Malicious burlesque dancing in this video:

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Trixie Malicious

(Main image from Micca Club)